Our Process

Application: A company first must apply through submission of the online application on Gust through this link: Submit Company Application.
Please note that there is a $50 fee for the application. The Application Fee is a non-refundable processing fee and is retained by Cornerstone Angels whether or not a company is selected to present at future screening or investment meetings. We are sensitive to any fees to entrepreneurs as the core of our activities is focused on finding high quality investments. The application fee is a low-cost way for entrepreneurs and our group to interact and help control the quality of submissions. As always, we encourage entrepreneurs to network into our members and other trusted partners to help in getting your business into our review process.

Pre-Screening: Upon favorable response, a company may be asked to provide additional details. At this point, the company should have provided an executive summary, business plan or investor powerpoint presentation, and summary financials.

Deal Screening: An in-person screening event will take place with the Company providing a 10 minute presentation and having 10 minutes in Q&A in front of a panel of screeners composed of investors and industry veterans.

Diligence: A select group of companies will be selected for further review and investigation

Investment Meeting: 2-3 companies will be invited to present to the Investment Meeting in front of investors. These meetings will typically be held every two months. Each company will make a 15 minute presentation, with up to 20 minutes reserved for Q&A. In addition, a nominal amount of equity is requested, and with the final amount to be at the Company’s discretion. The fee enters the company within the Cornerstone Entrepreneur Network, and the group will look to provide value to the company with both content, mentorship, as well as with introductions as appropriate over the coming year.

Post-Investment Meeting: Feedback will be aggregated from members and investor guests and provided to the presenting companies. Cornerstone Angels will look for the company to respond to key concerns and questions in a written response, and for a follow-up meeting or conference call to be held with interested investors within 7 days. Based on level of interest, Cornerstone Angels and any designated “lead” individuals will coordinate due diligence activities internally and interface with the company, and with the goal of coming to an investment decision within 6-8 weeks of the Investment Meeting presentation.