Cornerstone Angels seeks to bridge the growing funding gap between start-up and institutional capital, improving economic development and helping to seed the companies of tomorrow.

Cornerstone Angels is a membership-based private angel investment group composed of successful entrepreneurs and business executives. The group seeks to provide financial capital, mentorship, and advisory support to high growth organizations.  The company will consider opportunities nationally, but is focused on the greater Midwest given its Chicago and Northbrook, IL base.

Cornerstone Angels is a member of the Angel Capital Association and is active in collaboration and syndication with groups nationwide. In addition, Cornerstone Angels is an ACA certified “Established Angel Group” (EAG). The EAG is an accredited angel verification method for angel group members. An angel group with an Established Angel Group designation indicates to entrepreneur issuers, their legal counsel and others that reasonable steps have been taken to verify that the group’s member investors are accredited investors.


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