09.08.14 – Hayward Appointed to Advisory Committee of Midwest Cleantech Open Innovation Summit

Minneapolis,MN — Sep 10, 2014 Cornerstone Co-founder Larry Hayward has been appointed to the advisory committee of the 2014 Midwest Innovation Summit. The 2014 Midwest Innovation Summit will take place on October 27-28, 2014, at the Depot Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This annual conference, organized by Midwest Cleantech Open and partners, explores how the Midwest is capitalizing on these trends and providing market leadership, and offers insights into new industry developments and upcoming opportunities. Organized by Midwest Cleantech Open and it’s partners, this flagship event convenes professionals interested the segment of the Impact Economy focused scalable solutions that drive natural resource efficiency and/or reduce environmental impact. Summit attendees include:

  • Financial and strategic investors and financial institutions
  • Emerging businesses and large and small corporations
  • Policymakers and sustainability professionals Industry trade organizations Academia

For more details on the event please follow the link. 2014 Midwest Innovation Summit

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